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Jun 3, 2022
Inflation & Supply

It is not exceptional that the world becomes more competitive as time progresses – this may partially explain why our […]

Jan 13, 2022
ACAL FinTech Report 2022

The new year is always a good time to reflect on the state of the world and your position in […]

Jan 31, 2019
ACAL 2019 Year Ahead Outlook

Last year, we prepared a market outlook that outlined the consensus view, amongst buy and sell side, and then incorporated […]

Nov 27, 2018
Markets in October 2018

There can be little disagreement with the fact that the relatively stable world order we have enjoyed during the first […]

Jul 1, 2018
ACAL 2018 Mid Year Market Review

Given we are a truly independent financial advisor, we have used our ‘freedom of selection’ to source a few innovative […]

Jan 4, 2018
ACAL 2018 Year Ahead Outlook

Many of the big financial institutions invest considerable effort to compile a forecast for the year ahead. It is maybe […]

Aug 31, 2017
Japan Equity Overweight

The Japan economy is picking up. GDP has been decently strong for six quarters, last quarter +2.5%. We are positioning […]

Feb 1, 2017

The USD has broadly weakened (DXY Trade Weighted index as proxy) due to doubts about FED/Yellen resolve to raise rates. JPY […]

Jan 24, 2017
Screening for the Trump impact

No surprises that President Trump has been in the headlines – one certainty is that the established world order is […]