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Charlie Luchangco

The financial services industry is going through monumental change; rather than react to change, we look to cut through the fog and deliver solutions of value to clients.

We have provided sober risk management and well thought out solutions in the past while still present on the platforms of large bank providers. Now with an independent set up and networks of best in class providers, we have the full flexibility and independence to stand by our clients.

It is important that there is a meeting of the minds between the needs our Clients and Arete’s capabilities. As such, our services are not for everyone.

If you are looking for a team that will fight for your interests, pay attention to the risk taken in managing investments, and willing to step back from the crowd for a little bit of different thoughts….then it will make sense for us to have a conversation and explore a collaboration.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. We look forward to engagement in a mutually beneficial manner.

Terry Leeworthy
Executive Director

2017 was a marvellous year for investors – there could not have been a better time for Arete Capital Asia to have planned our first full year of our partnership. Of course, the markets were kind that year – the sun shone on all those that were invested. Our comfortable first year was followed by 2018, a year, that in investment terms, was just the opposite of the year before. A year where most asset classes endured declines.

We have been fortunate to have engaged with numerous interesting people and families since we have started and a few of these have become clients. We have been helping clients invest assets, protect their wealth and amongst this, we have also been successful in raising capital in a few selected projects.  It is a great experience to have been able to deliver some fine outcomes in terms of performance or solutions. Arete Capital will continue to seek to add to the interesting people we work with – clients, of course, but also with the service providers we know deliver excellent value and results.

Charlie and I live every day towards demonstrating that the value of true impartial advice is a very powerful ally that is not so easy to find. We both have histories working in large financial companies and we are both motivated by this ‘true freedom’ of being able to engage prospects/clients without the constraints that come with being part of a large company. It is very liberating and energising!

….. and we are sure you will feel this difference when you meet with us. We look forward to that day!

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